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Padawan Blog #1, by Jente Smit


Hi there ! Yes you !

I am the innovation padawan, recently a new team member in the innovation jedi team! I am eager to tell you what I am doing during my fascinating internship. The topics that I will explore in my blog, together with you, will mainly be about innovation and things that I have learned thanks to my internship mentors and the people I can work with. I will take you on a fascinating journey, and share my learning experience with you.

Hopefully you look forward to it as hard as I do!

See you soon!

And in the meantime, don't forget to make innovation happen


We've had the pleasure to welcome Jente as the first ever intern of Innovation Jedi in 2019. Not only did she do a great job and bring to the team and the projects but in addition she made the extra effort to share her experience in her blog. As we are not that good in communication (.. as in running innovative projects) we would like to share what she lived (and how she lived it) with you as it probably gives a better idea of what and how we do it rather than plenty of marketing blabla. Enjoy reading .. and thank you very much Jente!

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