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Padawan Blog #6, by Jente Smit

Dernière mise à jour : 10 févr. 2021


The corporate culture of 'Innovation Jedi' is a special one. As a Padawan I face many challenges from my jedi master. But I developed as an intelligent and sweet girl who is an observant, hard-working and ambitious. This is partly due to the open lifestyle and space that I get from the company.

What does the lifestyle of a Padawan look like and how does a jedi shape this? And why is this so important to be able to realize innovation?

Can we also talk about a dark side that is attached to this lifestyle medal?

Be confortable in what you do...

It is important to always be at ease everywhere. This is applicable for home situations, but also in your office. With 'innovation jedi' it is encouraged to always do what you feel comfortable with. If you think you have something better to do than work at a certain moment, then you will also have the opportunity to just do that. If you wish to enjoy the wonderful weather (like yoda in the garden) or if you want to have a drink on a terrace, then this is possible at our workplace. This stimulates effective work when you are in the office, and ensures that people become intrinsically motivated. What, where and when you do something is entirely up to you, it is a matter of self management and finding the perfect work-life balance. Ultimately, you can complete your tasks by fully managing what you are doing and feeling completely at ease whenever possible.


The corporate culture within innovation jedi is managed very well. There is a focus on a mutual mindset that encourages mutual learning. Nothing is imposed on you autocratically and there is therefore no continuous control. Within our culture, we choose to work primarily on the basis of promises. You promise to take on a task and it is expected that you will bring it to a successful conclusion (with any help). However, there is no continuous check to see whether or not you are busy with what is requested. The management has great confidence and expects you to be independent enough to execute what is asked, when agreed. It is very important to let people work on the basis of these promises, because they are assigned their own responsibility, and they have complete freedom to fill it in themselves. Ultimately, you achieve the same results as when carrying out checks on people. In our way of working you deal better with unforeseen circumstances and changes than in a dedicated and controlling mindset. In this way we also ensure with our culture that innovation can unfold much more easily.


In addition to the importance of openness, transparency and giving feedback that have already been discussed in other blogs, celebrating tasks and projects is also an integral part of the lifestyle of a jedi. We are open to always enter nice celebration parties and attach great importance to this. The lifestyle of celebrating provides an extra factor in the workplace and again contributes to the stimulation of responsibility, intrinsic motivation, lifestyle balance and promise fulfillment. With the various components, we realize innovation and cultivate it within our company. BE AWARE OF THE DARK DANGER

Obviously this lifestyle is something that suits me, but be aware that you have to work extra hard as a self-employed person. Things must be ready, there are tight deadlines, and you have to meet them in the end. It may therefore be that you have to do a lot of evening work or weekend work or that you have to go the extra mile to create that close-perfect customer experience. It is not always that simple and you have to be able to be flexible as a person to go through life as a Jedi, and to always be able to bring projects to a successful conclusion. Sometimes strange things have to happen to achieve something. So it is certainly not always that easy! The focus is on the customer, and we want to make their dreams come true. This requires a lot of hard work.


We've had the pleasure to welcome Jente as the first ever intern of Innovation Jedi in 2019. Not only did she do a great job and bring to the team and the projects but in addition she made the extra effort to share her experience in her blog. As we are not that good in communication (.. as in running innovative projects) we would like to share what she lived (and how she lived it) with you as it probably gives a better idea of what and how we do it rather than plenty of marketing blabla. Enjoy reading .. and thank you very much Jente! Her site

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