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Innovation Jedi

We are specialized in the field of product innovation project management. Our mission is to help you organize your innovation in a smart way. We will support you in all phases, from a clear start to a successful market introduction. As interim project manager or in an advisory role. With our knowledge of the business, combined with passion and focus, we will help reach your innovation goals.

Who are ‘we’? We are an open group (like open innovation) of experienced believers in innovation as a key element to business prosperity. We combine decades of experience in innovation management, product development, service design … having encountered the dark side multiple times throughout our careers.


We identify the possible threat and know how to handle it. Open group means that we’ll get experts on board if needed as we are humble enough to know our limits. Therefore, we do NOT work with fixed resources (which then have to be used/billed at any cost). Depending on the needs of your project we’ll source the right resources from our wide network.



“If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.”

Albert Einstein

We become part of the project team (full time or part time, depending on the circumstances), on site to fully immerse in your organization. We provide hands-on guidance & support (we don’t say what to do but walk the talk).


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